Self-taught filmmaker, dop, editor and photographer, Pascal Greco cofounded with Charles Hieronymi in 2000, a Swiss-based collective uniting a network of fashion photographers, video and film professionals, fashion designers and graphic artists.
Two Greco-Hieronymi medium-length documentaries were focused on fashion, "Swiss Fashion Design" and "Tokyo Streets". The creative partnership has also successfully organized major fashion shows in New York and Tokyo. Pascal Greco as released four photographs book, "Kyoshu, nostalgie du pays" (Infolio), "Seoul Shanghai Tokyo" (Idpure), "Ratrak" (Verlhac) and "No Cliché" (Jane & Jeremy).
Pascal Greco also directed the critically acclaimed contemplative film "Super 8" made with music composer Kid Chocolat. His second contemplative movie called "Nowhere", with an original soundtrack composed by Goodbye Ivan. "STUN", the last film, also with a music by Goodbye Ivan, who end the trilogy, was presented in 2015.
End of 2017, he showed for the first time a live version of his new movie "Shadow", with actress Asia Argento and her daughter Anna-Lou Castoldi, created with Philippe Pellaud. The movie "Shadow" will be presented in film festivals in 2018.